July 31, 2016  Electing Hillary Clinton

The Buddy Carter town hall for Chatham County is Monday at Armstrong Center, 4 pm. Since Buddy
Carter’s letter this week is all about his town hall meetings to promote his “A Better Way” agenda, which i
have already discussed, i will go on to another topic, electing Hillary Clinton.  The first national polls since
the conventions have given Hillary a big bump, like a 16 point lead.  The Democrats have unified in
support, 84% of declared Democrats are with Hillary.  The Republicans by contrast are scattered, only
64% for Trump, another 14% for Hillary (!), 8% for Johnson and 13% not sure. 

Gary Johnson was on the 2012 ballot but got insignificant vote, less than 2% and had no effect on Romney
winning Georgia.  Jill Stein was unable to get on the 2012 ballot in Georgia and it looks like she won’t be on
the 2016 ballot either.  This year the Libertarian could effect the Georgia outcome.  The Republican
majority in Georgia has been fading since 2012 due to demographics.  In fact NPR looked at the 2012 vote
vs demographics compared the 2016 Georgia demographics and has suggested that Hillary should win
handsomly.  If Johnson gets the 7% he polls nationally in Georgia, it would probably make it impossible for
Trump to get an outright majority.  While Hillary can win the electoral college without Georgia, would it be
possible for Trump?

You would think that in Georgia a candidate would need a majority to be elected.  Upon further research,
and this point is not well documented, President is the only election in Georgia not subject to the majority
rule.  That was changed in 1968 so Georgia could help elect George Wallace, a person not likely to get a
majority anywhere in America.  Nate Silver currently gives Trump only a 6.7% chance of getting the
national majority vote that Obama got in 2008 and 2012.

July 25, 2016 Democratic Response to Representative Buddy Carter's Weekly Newsletter


It is not so amazing that there is no evidence of discrimination, because that is not what the Kelvin
Cochran suit is about.  Try and wrap your head around the possibility that a minority person could have a
complaint that is not a discrimination claim. This is a “free speech” and “religious freedom” issue.  At
question is whether a government supervisor has the right to distribute writings to his workforce that
promulgates views that are illegal and contrary to public policy when he does so because of religious
teaching.  The Constitution says what it says, and the federal courts have taken the case to dispell any
doubts.  There is no good reason for the legislature to weigh in, especially if its own members can’t even
get the issues figured out. If you dislike waiting on the court, you might remind your buddies in the Senate
that the Federal Court System would function a whole lot more efficiently if they were to vote on the 50
justice nominations that have already been reported out of committee favorably.  And if this goes to the
Supreme Court, it is more likely to be resolved if Justice Garland gets a hearing.  The Senate has already
delayed longer than for any other Supreme Court justice in the 220 year history of American government.

July 17, 2016 Democratic Response to Representative Buddy Carter's Weekly Newsletter

A Better Way

A frank admission that a Republican Congress has been totally unable to do what is right for this country,
at least up until now.  Yes, they should find a better way, and quickly, blaming Obama for every legislative
failure for more than 7 years has produced no results from the Congress.  Time to blame those who have
the actual responsibility for what the Congress does, which for the most part is nothing.  Why are you
harping on Obama when he has exercised fewer Vetoes than any President of recent times.  It is the
Congress that has failed in its purpose.

President or Congress?  At least the President is not sitting around failing to respond to the issues before
our country.  Who is not acting according to the Constitution?  That is easy to see, we have a Senate
that not only fails to give hearing to the Supreme Court nomination but fails to act on 20 other federal
judge nominations that have already been favorably reported out of the Senate judicial committee.  You
don’t like what the President has done on immigration?  The first thing Obama did on immigration was to
ask the Congress to act, to provide legislation.  To date, the Congress has not enacted legislation, that is
their Constitutional duty, shirked.  Are you on a committee that was supposed to provide some answers
here? that is what you claimed on your first Town Meeting.  Sorry, i didn’t mean to wake your up, slumber
on.  Don’t limit the power of the President, energize the power of a Congress that has decided to take the
longest legislative fall recess in modern times.  I fully understand, why hang around DC when the intent of
the GOP led Congress is to do nothing.

Winners or Losers?  Wow, you have just said that the real purpose of Congress is to congratulate Winners
(supposedly with tax cuts) and punish Losers (by removing food stamps).  The free market is not exactly a
kind place but set that notion aside, corporations only exist because government has created them.  So
since corporations are a fiction invented by the government, then they at least should be tightly
regulated.  The abuse of monopoly only came about because of corporations getting special legal
treatment that enabled them to skirt the ordinary restrictions of a free market. Your so-called free market
is really a dog whistle to signify special governmental favors to the wealthy.  And if those favors actually
strengthened industry, it could be a valid point, but historically those favors have only gone to boost the
wealth of those in power as we see now with corporations holding massive cash in off-shore accounts
rather than building a better America.  America is NOT a country of winners and losers, that proclamation
only suits the mind of one Donald Trump who fancies himself a winner because he is free to call everyone
else losers.  Just like his several divorces and bankruptcies, he will soon be handed another loss, but go
ahead tell us how you are just like him.

Healthcare, meaning getting rid of it.  Yes the GOP Congress wants to rid America of healthcare, not just
Obamacare, thanks for saying it aloud.  After all who is my brothers keeper? let them suffer; says so in
your bible right. Visit them in jail? no, put more in jail.  Feed the hungry?  no cut food stamps.  From him
who has been given much, take no taxes.  Must be comforting to believe in a god that will require no
accounting of what you do, and now you expect the American people to make no accounting of Congress
either.  The GOP has promised to show us a better healthcare plan for 7 years, yet there is none.  Should
we be confident that the Congress will enact a replacement for Obamacare when it has shown that it is
paralysed when faced with a national health crisis like Zika?  Show us you can do simple tasks before being
entrusted with great ones. Honestly though i can’t imagine supporting a new health plan from a party that
says i don’t deserve nor should expect healthcare assistance.

Postcard taxes.  I don’t know what century you live in, but i already do my taxes on the internet, costs
me nothing to do that, not even the postage stamp you are asking for.  When we ask for tax reform, this
is NOT what we had in mind.  It is not the filing of taxes that anyone has a problem with, it is the myriad
loopholes and exceptions that requires a CPA to assist with it.  Those that have a lot of money should pay
a fair share and not have zero tax due like Donald Trump.  Or be given reverse tax subsidies like
corporations.  You can fix that and forget the postcard, thank you.

National security.  If by improved national security you mean spend more money, you are no friend to the
American people.  We already out spend the next 10 largest countries combined, and most of them are
friendly!  I have a suggestion here, make healthcare a National Security agenda item.  Not being funny
here, what is a more important aspect of security can you have than life itself.  Not far behind that is food
security.  In case you don’t remember, the first spy satellites (disguised as “weather satellites”) were put
up by the CIA to be able to monitor the food harvest potential in countries around the world.  Hungry
people are dangerous people.  It was the inability of Communist master planners to get a food harvest from
the Ukraine that directly led to the collapse of the former USSR, not speaches by Ronald Reagan.  you
need to get priorities right when it comes to security. FDR had it right when he proclaimed the Four
Freedoms in his 1941 ignaugural address.

A famous quote from the speech prefaces those values: "As men do not live by bread alone, they do not fight by
armaments alone." In the second half of the speech, he lists the benefits of democracy, which include economic
opportunity, employment, social security, and the promise of "adequate health care".

Poverty and the American Dream.  So i take it now that the GOP has joined the call for free higher
education (which we should start first in Georgia).  Or is the GOP for the old days when silver spoon
children were first in line for education, and poor folks should just go to work and not be uppity.  Cut both
welfare and ACA Medicaid expansion, that should put a big dose of American Dream into anyone.  In
Georgia, the lack of Medicaid expansion has resulted in the closing of rural health clinics needed by the
poor.  I have a dream (and it is an American one) where a person is not restricted by a heritage of poverty
but given the same opportunities as a privilaged white boy.  Can you say amen to that?

July 13, 2016 from the CCDC

New Broom Sweeps Clean

A concept as old as politics itself.  This year’s reform candidate in Georgia is Jim Barksdale and the
establishment is Isakson-Kingston.  Isakson is seeking a term he is unlikely to finish so he is really running
as a team with Kingston in the wings as a replacement.  Sometimes you can be so close to a problem that
you don’t see the solution or the problem for that matter.  Outside (of Georgia) observers can easily
detect the time for change will be upon us in this election cycle.  A 100% NRA rating is not the winning
ticket after Dallas.... Failure to put a justice on the Supreme Court in defiance of the Constitution is failure
of job performance on a constitutional scale. 

The influx of progressive Democratic voters into Georgia cannot be denied at the polls.  The in-migration is
on multiple fronts and massive.
1.  Latinos in agriculture and other industry
2.  Tech and Entertainment workers brought in by the GOP to stimulate the economy
3.  Retirees relocating here from cold climates
4.  Blacks finding their way back south to claim their rightful legacy
NPR has calculated that the flux of demographics in Georgia makes Hillary a 2.5 point favorite in the state
presidential election. Georgia is going blue.

Barksdale is ready for the challenge.  He was in Savannah Tuesday and visited the office of the Chatham
County Democratic Committee offices located at 105 Wheeler Court Suite 203. He took the time to answer
questions and present his views.  Among the group was Justin Pitts of the Democratic Party of Georgia
that is currently setting up their Savannah field office next door, Brett Hulme showing solidarity with
Unions, Philly Meyers Vice Chair of the First Congressional District Democratic Committee, CCDC members
and campaign volunteers.  This is serious folks, meet your new Senator.

You are welcome to join the volunteers at the CCDC too.  Office is open 9 am - 7 pm M-F and 9 am - 3 pm
Saturday.  Winds of change is bringing a new politics to Georgia where good ole boys are not in charge
anymore, you are!

July 11, 2016  Democratic Response to Congressperson Buddy Carter's Weekly Newsletter

Hillary Clinton’s Emails

First off, why are you commenting on Hillary Clinton?  Why not Condolesa Rice or Colin Powell who have
been found or admitted to exactly the same offense?  Because they are no longer holding the office of
Secretary of State?  Well, neither is Hillary Clinton.  Because their personal server with classified emails
was not hacked?  neither was Hillary Clinton’s.  Because they didn’t lie about it?  Well they did at first until
corrected by further FBI investigation.  Hillary did not lie, there were no classified emails that she put on
the server.  The FBI is not the agency that classifies State Department communications and a subsiquent
complete review by the State Department found only 2 emails that were marked classified, and those it
turns out were misclassified and should not have been.  So why Secretary Clinton?  Only because she is a
person you think *might* get the Democratic party nomination in  few weeks that she deserves scrutiny? 

And the law that was allegedly breached, the 1917 Espionage Act that criminalizes a person who scatters
classified documents on his desk, and then walks away for a lunch break.  The emails in question were not
laying about for anyone to see, and were further encryted in a way that even the NSA said could not be
decoded at the time.  this is hardly careless disregard of classified information even if characterized that
way by the FBI.  they knew there was no case for prosecution here despite the Republican outrage.

Meanwhile on the subject of full disclosure, why did you not explain your own scandal that was exposed
this week?  too close to home?  That was the illegal transfer of state campaign money to your federal
campaign in order to become the Representative of the the first Georgia Congressional District.   No
problem, since you won election, you are happy to return money to the proper accounts.  No harm, no foul
right?  Why would anyone think differently.  After all it is just an ethics matter, a small falsehood,  what
we come to expect.

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